Emergency Medicine Regional Teaching

Category: Training - Other

Date: November 16th 2018

Location: Lecture Hall 1, The Academy, Lower Ground Floor, Great western Hospital Swindon SN3 6BB

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Severn Deanery - Emergency Medicine - Regional Training Day – Friday 16th November 2018- 

Lecture Hall 1, The Academy, Lower Ground Floor, Great western Hospital Swindon

10.00-10.15      Welcome, registration

10.15-10.45      Paediatric respiratory emergencies

                         Dr Chelsea Spearman, ST4 Paediatrics trainee

10.45-1115       COFEE

11.15-11.45      Paediatric cardiac emergencies

                         Dr Sofia Cuevas-Asturias, ST4 Paediatrics trainee                                

11.45-12.15      Paediatric emergency scenarios

                         Dr Rose Marion, ST4 Paediatrics trainee  

1215-1230        Trainee’s Meeting

12.30-1300       LUNCH

1300-1400        Palpitations- Cardiac arrhythmias

                         Dr Badrinathan Chandrasekaran, Consultant Cardiologist        

1400-1530       Ophthalmology Emergencies

                        Mr Hani Hasan, Specialty Doctor in Ophthalmology

1530-1600       Finish & Feedback


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